Create a tile business: know everything

The tiler is a craftsman responsible for laying tiles and decorative surface elements. He usually intervenes during the finishing after the passage of the plasterer and the mason. He dresses the walls, the facades, the floors or the swimming pools by putting in place the ceramic tiles, marble, sandstone, plastic, stone, granite, glass, porcelain, mosaic, etc.

The work of the tiling contractor in Singapore  or tiler-mosaicist is divided into two parts: the cutting and laying of tiles. Thus, it is called to perform small masonry work to prepare the support of the coating (patching).

Become a mosaic tiler: the job.tiling contractor in Singapore

  • The tiler must prepare the surface to be coated, cut the materials available and lay them. In the case of renovation, it must first remove the existing coating.
  • The different tasks of a tiler to his account are as follows:
  • Supply of raw materials (partnership and negotiation with suppliers),
  • The advice of the customer about the choice of the material to be put and the reasons for decoration,

Cutting materials (need to have a chainsaw or a tile)

  • Preparation of the surface: realization of the screed,
  • Construction of pedestals or tablets (if needed),
  • Laying tiles,
  • splicing,
  • Cleaning the surface.

 Settling tiler:

  • The qualities required for a  tiling contractor in Singapore
  • Other than the skills and technical know-how, a good tiler must:
  • Have a developed sense of space and decoration,
  • Know how to read the plans, calculate the surfaces to be covered and create geometric shapes,
  • Know the standards of thermal or phonic insulation,
  • Have a good physical condition,
  • To be rigorous and precise,
  • To be creative and to have a taste