What qualifications should need for studied in International Schools?

Colleges that are such function to teach students that are not nationals or citizens of the host nation; they are ideally suited for children of individuals employed in overseas embassies or missions, global business organizations etc. Students from the area around the school who would like to get qualifications that were suitable or a diploma for a career or additional studies are provided admission.


These schools have been set up with the help and assistance of the specific institution that required the schools – e.g. defense institutions, scientific communities, diplomatic assignments etc. – and dependent on the particular country’s school program. Globalization And technology have produced a spurt in schools across the globe to cater to the greater movement of people around the world for work, business and other purposes; such motion has made generations of children living away from their country of origin and has necessitated the existence of international schools. In this context, enhanced schools do not spell success; the benchmark for success is contingent.

Criteria for an international school

International school in malaysia

In 2009 Association of School Librarianship decreed an international school needed to match the following standards:

  • Multinational and multi-lingual student community
  • A inhabitants of students
  • Transferability of the pupil’s Schooling – e.g. credits – across international schools

Curriculum or syllabi

  • transient and A multinational Teacher number and count
  • Use of French or English as Medium of education with the option of adding another language
  • Non-selective student enrolment

Schools have less or more the exact same curriculum as national and state colleges – arts, humanities, information technology, language, math, physical education, sciences etc. The method and depends on a technology triggered classroom environment and mode of education is systemized igcse school in malaysia; evaluation, periodical tests and grading of pupils are done on a continuous basis.