What you need to Know BeforeInvesting in Graphene

Graphene is travel material, and every year it publishes more research papers than any other material. It is known for a large number of its excellent qualities, its resistance, conductivity, its photovoltaic properties and the fact that it is a nanoscale carbon allotrope. But what is graphene?

invest in graphene

Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon allotrope.

It exists in a plane and consists of a sheet of carbon atoms arranged in the form of honeycombs. This is actually a relative of graphite, the only layer of “lead” in pencils, but due to its nanoscale nature, it inherits a strange set of quantum behaviors that graphite does not possess.

It can be obtained by layers of graphite from top to bottom or by chemical vapor deposition; Each method leads to a slightly different form of material. Recent advances have even shown that the substance is obtained from the respiration of bacteria on a specially treated surface of graphene oxide and using dry ice as a starting point.

The variety of these production methods makes invest in graphene production a difficult investment proposal, since nobody knows which method will be the most successful. This is a problem that increases the risk of investing, but could lead to the higher earning potential. Investments in technology in the early stages invariably pose this problem and, therefore, this is not a rare dilemma one has to face.


However, if we consider the problem of production at this time, one of the possible areas of investment that can be expected is the use of graphene in the production of consumer goods. The unique properties of graphene make it possible to use it in the near future for the production of high-performance solar panels, high-strength composite materials and possibly computer chips. IBM has already announced the first graphene transistor, and the problem of the complete launch of graphene chips will come true. Therefore, the best option to invest in graphene is to learn a little more about the science of graphene, identify the product that most interests you and find the company that currently has patents in this field.