How it works on having the Printing Textile?

Similarly as with numerous incredible developments, the hypothesis behind Nano Pigmentation Technology NPT is generally straightforward. With NPT sublimation ink, the color particles are ground to sub micron size and ionically fixed, clarifies Enrico Grasselli Head of R andD at J-Teck srl. The mix of moment estimating and the fixing cycle decreases grating as the inks go through the printing heads, yielding an all the more even dispersement inside the ink liquid itself. This all the more even dispersement permits a denser convergence of color to be utilized and less water is expected to arrive at the ideal thickness for peizo heads.

With flexibility a significant portion of the printing cycle, different NPT inks have been produced for use on a scope of various sublimation applications. Grasselli clarifies that, when move printing, the lower water/color proportion has the benefit of less paper cockling – and even offers the chance of utilizing a more financially savvy, lighter 100g paper.

Organizations utilizing the inks when working with direct to material printing have detailed that the NPT inks drain less and show higher shading esteems bringing about a more excellent print. Add to this the benefits of a quicker drying and squeezing times diminishing creation times further – and as we as a whole know, time is cash, whatever commercial center your association works.


Broadly Tested

During the turn of events and testing stage, makers J-Teck tried different things with direct printing to cover and some uncoated materials Рbringing about a quicker and more solid outcome, by and large. Tests uncovered that, regardless of how the print was delivered, if NPT inks were utilized with a decent ICC profile, fundamentally less ink was utilized, because of the high color thickness, remarks Grasselli . Joined with the drop in vacation brought about by less head obstructs and with less warmth develop at the head dragging out the life of the print head itself, clients have detailed a Textiel bedrukken tremendous effect on diminishing creation costs.

J-Teck likewise guarantees improved ink dependability during transport and capacity, guaranteeing predominant bunch quality and predictable outcomes for the client. Sped up ink creation at J-Tecks Como, Italy creation plant, utilizing new innovative ink handling hardware guarantees quicker ink creation times. As an organization we have contributed a great deal of time and cash in the innovation to completely create and test our item before we delivered it on to the market, remarks J-Teck’s President Dr. Gianni Cavallini. Our tough quality control strategies and quicker creation have empowered us to deliver a few diverse ink types and tones which cover expert sublimation procedures. Tests show that they have an industry beating wash speed and weatherability.