Points That Make A Good Optical Store

There are many contact lens singapore, but a good one must fulfil certain points. Some many variations and possibilities add up to make a good optical store. If you are someone who is just entering the world of optics, you must make sure that you note down these points and enter only those shops that are eligible to be a good store.

As for those who are familiar with glasses and have worn them for quite some time, you need to be careful too. You must make sure that you buy all your future prescription glasses from a good store, otherwise, it won’t be worth the same. You may even lose your vision if you don’t take care of your glasses. Many optical stores sell glasses that are too brittle to handle. In the event of an accident, if the glass breaks, it can damage your eye leading to permanent blindness.

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Characteristics of a good optical store 

Certain Ophthalmologist has recommended optical stores in Singapore that meet all the requirements in quality testing. The first thing that you should note is the behaviour of the technician sitting inside the store. It doesn’t matter whether the technician is an opthalmologist themself or not, they should be easy to converse with and explain your problems.

The next thing that you need to know is that the store must have someone that has a valid degree in ophthalmology. In case you might need consultation, the doctor should be present in the store. The store should meet the requirements necessary for quality testing and all the products must be sent for quality assurance at least twice a year.

Prescription lenses and glasses should be present in the store. The store should provide cleaning solutions, glass box, and wiping cloth absolutely free with the glass. The store must be registered under the trade and business sector from the government too.