Which Bouquets to choose for which occasion All Advice

Wish a happy birthday with flowers, a floral arrangement, a greedy bouquet or a magnificent succulent plant is a gift that is both original and attentive. This gesture, like all the little touches, will be particularly appreciated by the person being celebrated, especially if the birthday present is personalized according to his tastes and circumstances.

What flowers to offer for a birth

Birth is always an exceptional event to celebrate as it should be. The first day of a child’s life and the happiest day of the life of his young parents, this event deserves the ideal gift. Bath cap, bra, diaper cake, birth box, ideas abound. Why not choose originality by offering a beautiful floral composition?

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Offer flowers according to the astrological sign

To offer flowers according to the astrological sign, that’s an original and seductive idea! The signs of the zodiac depend on our date of birth and would influence our personality. The twelve signs of the zodiac are divided into four elements: the signs of the earth, the signs of the air, the signs of fire and the signs of water. Number of cheap graduation flowers Singapore is available.

Which plant to choose to introduce children to gardening

Gardening is a very rewarding activity for children who can start learning at the age of two. In the garden, children can train to coordinate their movements and all their senses are solicited: the sight, the touch, and even the taste thanks to the aromatic and edible plants! Watering and having fun with water, learning the right gestures, mixing and digging the soil, sowing, waiting, picking, harvesting, tasting…